About Us

Sammy Whammy's was launched in August 2023 by Samantha, a freshly graduated, fashion design major. Based out of Metro Detroit in Michigan, everything is handmade by Samantha in the dining room of her parents' home.

Why sweatshop free?

Sammy Whammy's was launched with the belief that children's clothing is not disposable. Samantha has been deeply troubled by the fashion industry's reliance on sweatshop labor since first learning about it at age 14. The knowledge of sweatshops has been a driving force for her to create her own sweatshop free brand ever since.

What is "made to be handed down?"

The brand recognizes that sweatshop free clothing is more expensive, so we use high-quality, sturdy materials so that the clothing can be passed on- to a child's sibling, cousin, or friend.

What is gender free clothing?

One of Sammy Whammy's' core principle is being gender free. Gender free for us is the same thing as gender-neutral or gender-inclusive. We use the term gender free because there's nothing neutral about our colorful, fun clothing! We also use the term gender free because we sort our clothing by silhouette, not gender.

Why gender-free?

Sammy Whammy's is made to be handed down, and the most common reason an item is not handed-down is the gender assigned to that piece of clothing not matching the gender of the next child. With gender free design any child can wear it!

We also believe that no child should feel embarrassed or ashamed of the things that they like because of their gender. Clothing plays an important role for us all in life and allowing kids to explore it without judgement is important.

What is gender free about these clothes?

Sammy Whammy's' clothing does not limit the colors or silhouette of clothing in order for it to appear gender free. We don't believe that dresses or beetle patches belong in gendered categories. Instead, Samantha combines traditionally gendered elements together in her designs to make items gender free. If she uses a pink, she uses a blue. If she uses a beetle, she uses a butterfly.